Enter info below for 2 or more golfers, click SUBMIT to register then use BUY NOW button to pay after selecting number of golfers in drop down menu

If paying by check, please make out to TROOPERS MEMORIAL FUND INC. and mail to TROOPERS MEMORIAL FUND INC., PO Box 526, Mount Sinai, NY 11766 with names of golfers.  All payments must be received within 7 days of registering to hold your registration.  After 7 days, any registration not accompanied by a full payment may be voided.

Please note we now have two methods of paying via Paypal.  The first DONATE button below REQUIRES a Paypal account but will ALLOW US TO RECEIVE 100% of the amount via their Paypal Giving Fund with ZERO FEES DEDUCTED!  On that page simply enter amount based on number of golfers in drop down menu.

Multiple Golfers

The below BUY NOW button will also take you to a Paypal page which will allow you to simply use your credit card as a guest with NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED but the AMOUNT WE IN FACT RECEIVE WILL HAVE THEIR FEES DEDUCTED.  Your total amount will be calculated for you based on number of golfers in above drop down menu.

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